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Building a mailing list is vital to your online business. It is your sure shot way to highly targeted and converting traffic on demand. But, building a list can be a tedious task, gone are the days when you could simply use one opt-in form throughout your website and expect to outperform your competitors. It has become a competitive environment, you got to develop a real bond with your readers/visitors in order to actually get their e-mail.

No matter if you are an experienced Internet Marketer or just a blogger who is just starting up, it is never too late to stop bothering about your mailing list. You should always be up for optimizing your opt-in game and willing to carry out experiments in order to achieve what no one else is achieving.

But, how exactly do you achieve this level of customize ability along with robust and converting templates. This is when you should learn about the Thrive Leads plugin for WordPress by Thrive Themes. It is a state of the art list building plugin specifically designed for the purpose of providing extensive e-mail capturing capabilities to even the non-technical of users.

Why Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is the most popular choice among Internet Marketers and bloggers for building their mailing lists. It is an exceptional plugin due to its long list of features with smartly designed collection of templates.

Thrive Leads works perfectly with all the major E-mail marketing and auto-responder services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp and many more. See the screenshot below to know about all the services that are covered. You can use different services for different forms in thrive leads, which means you can use as many e-mail marketing auto-responder services as you want.

Email marketing services that work with Thrive Leads

You can easily create amazing opt-in forms with its Drag and Drop editor. You will never get bored of creating and trying new forms as the editor is very interactive and fun to use.

Thrive Leads Thrive Content Builder

What are all the types of Forms that you can create with Thrive Leads?

One of the best feature of Thrive Leads is that you are getting all possible types of forms in one plugin, so you don’t have to install multiple plugins like before clutter up your WordPress site.

Popup Lightbox: A popup form is very attention grabbing and has greater tendency to be filled and used. A popup form with different settings for when should it pop-up will let you come up with the idle conditions for maximising your e-mail opt-ins.

Lightbox popup for Thrive Leads

In-Line Forms: In-Line forms are the most simple of forms and are being used like a tradition in the blogosphere. You can show it on the bottom of each post or you can use the short code.

In-post thrive leads

“Sticky” Ribbon: A ribbon like form that sticks at the top of the page is something that you can try when promoting certain offers, moreover, the form will always stays on top, even when the reader scrolls down. So, the form never leaves their eyes and therefore a higher chance of getting an opt-in.

Sticky above header ribbon style form for thrive leads

Optin Widget: You can use Thrive Leads to create optin widget to show in the sidebar. This is easily available on your site.

Sidebar widget Thrive Leads

2-Step Opt-in Forms: A 2-step sign up form lets the user open an opt-in form upon clicking a button or link. This gives you an opportunity to persuade your readers to join your mailing list in your blog posts.

2 Step signup thrive leads

Slide-In Forms: A Slide-In form doesn’t distract the reader directly from the content. Instead of popping up in the center, it slides in from the corner. It still catches the eye.

Slide in form in Thrive Leads

So, these were all the possible opt-in form placements you can make on your WordPress website with the Thrive Leads plugin.

Some More Awesome Features of Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads gives you total control over how and where your opt-in forms are shown. This cannot be accomplished by simply having multiple styles of opt-in forms on your site, you need more customization.

The Advance Targeting option lets you manage when the opt-in form appears and how. You also have control over where all certain opt-in forms get published, i.e. you can show different opt-in forms for different posts, categories and tags. This will help you create highly targeted mailing lists that will be highly converting for your offers.

You have a highly efficient A/B testing engine that allows you to split test various settings and decide for which the best one is. In Thrive Leads plugin you don’t need to worry about running a split test and forgetting it, the plugin will automatically utilize the most performing forms and settings.

You can run these A/B tests based on pop-up or slide in time, content percentage read or when the visitor is about to exit.

test triggers thrive leads plugin


Thrive Leads has not stayed behind even on the pricing front. The pricing is done so competitively that even some of the best competing plugins come nowhere closer as a choice of purchase for opt-in forms.

Pricing thrive leads

Clearly the $97 will be the best choice for any serious marketer. It offers ultimate services at just a little more dollars above the starting plan. The Single Site License plan is I guess just the decoy here.I think thrive themes ultimate sites licence is best because you can get 24% off thrive themes package   

How is it compared to the competition?

When compared to some of the leading products in the same category, we come to realise that Thrive Lead indeed offers more features and forms along with the cool customization capabilities. Services like OptinMonster, SumoMe, OptinSkin and Popup Domination offer less and charge more in most cases. In one way or the other, Thrive Leads turns out to beat the competition.

Final Verdict

To wrap it up, I would like to say that Thrive Leads is the best in class plugin that you can buy at a nominal cost. This will be the best investment you can make in your e-mail marketing efforts. It will help you grow your list of loyal readers and provide with all the support that you need to build recurring customers.

So, if you’re looking for an e-mail marketing solution for your website or blog, just pick up Thrive Leads and lead the way.

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