Themify Black Friday – 40% SALE & iPad Mini Giveaway!

themify black friday 2017
Get 50% Off Now!

You have probably reached this page because you are currently looking for information on what the Themify Black Friday Deal is for 2017 and how you can get it. Well, you have definitely come to the right place as that is what I am going to discuss in this post.

The Themify Black Friday deal for 2017 give you the chance to access 40 beautifully designed and laid out themes for your WordPress site for a whopping 50% off the regular retail price, therefore it is definitely something to get more than a little excited about.

Before we discuss what you get with Themify it is worth thinking about the difference having a well designed and professional theme can have on your website or blogs success.

Look at it this way – you have interesting content and great products to promote, but if your site looks like a mere amateur put it together, the menus are badly laid out or it just has an unattractive background; you will find that people click away just as quickly as they clicked through to your site.

So it is vital that you invest in some decent themes for your websites as they can not only improve the appearance of your site but also the visitor’s experience using it.

The problem, as with most things, is that many of the best themes are not available free of charge. This is a problem particularly if you are just starting out and have a limited budget for spending on your business.

However, cost is less of a worry if you intend on investing in a Themify membership today.

Why Choose Themify?

I understand your scepticism, but if you look at any of the online reviews regarding Themify, their themes and services you will only find very positive customer feedback.

Themify was set up in 2010 and builds from scratch beautiful and responsive themes for WordPress that feature the easy to use drag and drop interface called Builder. In addition to each theme, you also get the relevant documentation, short-codes, custom widgets and the Themify framework to enable you to customise the theme to your own specific needs and requirements.

What Do You Actually Get When You Choose Themify Themes?

When you decide to invest in Themify themes, what you actually get is:

Fully interactive and responsive themes that will work on all types of browsers whether a visitor is using a mobile, tablet or laptop/desktop computer to access your website.
Themify’s very own Drag and Drop which allows you to easily arrange the content for your site.
Live Preview allows you to see what you get immediately and as you alter and edit your theme and site you can view the changes as they as they are made.

When you sign-up for Themify’s excellent Developer’s Club you will get each and every one of the 40 themes Themify has released.

In addition to the Themify framework you also get a selection of useful custom widgets that make displaying things like Flickr pictures, Twitter feeds, featured posts and recent comments hassle-free. You also have access to short-codes for displaying embedded videos on your site, Google maps, quotes, horizontal rules, column content and buttons.
If that wasn’t enough you also have access to the all the mock-up Photoshop files for the themes, which gives you the chance to design and build a completely new theme.

To put into perspective exactly what you get at the full price of Themify’s Developers subscription at $89; the estimated value of all the themes and the extras would if you bought them separately would cost in excess of $1000.

Therefore even at the regular retail price you are still getting a bargain but the special Black Friday deal available today is giving you all of the above for a measly $39, more than 50% off.

Looking at things that way the question is not should you invest in the Themify Black Friday Deal 2017 or not? The question you should be asking is actually – Why have you not bought it yet?

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