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So you have killer content, a powerful piece of software or just really great products or services that you want share with the world. Although there are many ways for you to get your website up and online, the best way that gives you the most freedom and control is by purchasing hosting.

It is undoubtedly why you are here in the first place, because you are interested in trying Site5 Black Friday 50% discount. Even though Site5’s plans are in the higher end of the market, price wise, it is hard to fault the company in terms of what they offer for the price with regards to customer service and top notch technology and software.

Why Should You Choose Site5?

As previously noted, Site5 offers cheaper hosting plans than many of its competitors. But, for the cheaper subscription price you do get what is considered to be a great services, especially favored by designers. In fact, the company’s slogan is actually “Built For Designers and Developers”

The company was set-up in 1998 by Rod Armstrong and Matt Lightner, who were still the company’s President and CEO respectively until 2007. From that point onwards, they decided to focus their attention on other projects and gave control of the company to a very energetic and excellent team of highly trained professionals, led by Joel Brown and Ben Welch-Bolen.

Site5’s operations are now handled in a completely remote fashion and it has in excess of 100 people from various parts around the world working for it, just as its 50,000 plus clients also comes from around the world.

When you decide to choose Site5 as your hosting company you have access to around 19 locations for their Unmanaged and Managed VPS, Reseller and Shared Web Hosting services, which helps your localised efforts for SEO and website load-up times for your visitors in the region you are targeting.

Many reviewers and critics over the years have commended Site5 as one of the best in the business for their use of innovative technology and software.

Site5 Hosting Plans

Site5 Web Hosting - Free 30 Day Trial + Choose Your Location

With all plans you as standard receive disk space and bandwidth, though you should never really expect to actually get unlimited disk space or bandwidth if you choose Shared hosting.

#1.Basic Plan

This plan allows you to host just one website and you need to pay for a full year in advance.

#2.Pro Plan

This is slightly more expensive than the Basic Plan and very similar in terms of features, but you do get the chance to host multiple domains with it.

#3.Pro + Turbo Plan

As well as the same features of the Basic and Pro and the ability to host numerous websites; this plan also gives you a dedicated ISP.

Regardless of what plan you choose you get to choose the location of your server, free back ups and free migration to Site5; as well as other features you would expect from a web hosting plan.

The User Interface and cPanel

It is worth discussing where Site5 really comes into its own – the background user interface and cPanel, which is aptly named Backstage. Unlike many other user interfaces offered by hosting companies these days, Site5’s Backstage is simple, easy and very quick to learn how to use.

Additionally, compared to other hosting company’s software where you need to visit your own personal cPanel URL, you can directly access cPanel from the user interface dashboard.

In conclusion, if you are contemplating on using hosting offered by Site5, give some thought to the fact that although similar services are cheaper elsewhere; you don’t get the company’s vast experience and knowledge and the price is not really too much of an issue if you sign up today using the Site5 Black Friday 50% Discount.

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