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If you’re running a business, or a blog or website of any kind, of course you need a good domain! Your domain name is literally your online address, making sure people know where they can find you. If you’re looking for a domain name, we definitely recommend Name Silo. Name Silo is a one stop shop for finding the domain name you need, and even better you’ll find that Name Silo is packed with features to makes sure buying your domain is quick, hassle free and totally secure.

If you’re ready to buy your domain name, we have good news – when you use our special coupon you can save money on your Name Silo purchase.

How To Find Your Domain Name At Name Silo

Searching for your domain name couldn’t be easier:

  • First, click on “register” to access the domain finder
  • Type in any domain name you like – you can even search for multiple domain names at a time if you want to
  • Name Silo will give you a list of available domain names matching your search, including .com, .org, .biz, .info and many more
  • You’ll also get a list of Premium domains – domains that have already been registered but are now up for sale.
  • Finally, you’ll see a list of domain suggestions which means that if your perfect domain isn’t available, you’ll have some ideas for another one you can use.
  • Simply check the domain or domains you want and click “register checked domains”.

Now you’ve found your perfect domain – not many steps to go until it’s yours!

How To Save Money On Your Name Silo Purchase

It’s quick and easy to save money on your Name Silo purchase.

  1. First check that the registration screen has the right domain and options
  2. Scroll down to the coupon code box and enter RETMENOT
  3. Click “submit”
  4. You’ll see your discount get applied to your total
  5. Now, click on “continue”
  6. On the next screen, you’ll create your account by choosing a username and password and entering your address details
  7. Check to accept the terms and conditions
  8. Click “create my new account”
  9. That’s great! Now on the next screen you can enter your billing information, and you’re done. Your new domain is yours.

No Hidden Fees Or Nasty Surprises

NameSilo Coupon Code 2016

Many domain providers will hit you with unexpected fees. You think you’ve found a cheap domain, but somewhere between finding it and registering it, you find the price has skyrocketed thanks to hidden fees. That’s not the case with Name Silo.

With Name Silo you can rest easy knowing that the price you see on the registration page is the price you’re going to pay. Your fee includes all of Name Silo’s excellent features with no upsells or expensive renews down the road.

Keeping Your Domains Secure

Name Silo comes with powerful security features so you can rest easy knowing your domain is secure. There are plenty of horror stories of people and businesses who lost their domain due to a malicious attack.

Domain Defender helps keep your domain secure. You’ll set up to five security questions – and no one can access your account without answering them. You can also enable two step authentication to keep unwated visitors out of your account. With Name Silo Domain Defender, you know your domain is in safe hands.

Features You’ll Love

Name Silo is packed with fantastic features that you’ll love:

  • Quick and simple registration process
  • Easy renewal setup so paying for your domain is easy
  • Registration level security to keep your domains safe and sound
  • Free domain parking – and you keep 100% of the revenue generated!
  • Expert domain management system for domain professionals
  • Powerful domain management tools so you can keep track of one domain or one thousand domains with ease.
  • Live support if you have any questions

If you’re looking for a domain name, Name Silo is an excellent choice! They offer some of the cheapest prices on the web with no hidden fees, but they also offer high level security for your peace of mind. Don’t forget to enter RETMENOT at the checkout to get your discount.

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