Long Tail Pro Review – Find Keywords That Actually Rank!

The common Internet searcher never knows how much efforts are being made to get him to click on a particular link in the search results. Thousands of search marketers are putting in tons of work into ranking for just the right keywords and reaching just the right visitors.There is a beautiful process to get in front of your potential customer on a search engine, that is, SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the key to highly targeted, cheap (if not free) and awesome website traffic.

SEO can be a fun task if you know where you’re going. You just need to write SEO friendly content, write lots of it, and get backlinks. If you play the game correctly, you’ll be riding on free traffic soon. But, SEO is easy said than done.

You can write great content. But, do you know what content to write? Here comes Keyword Research into the picture. The hardest part of the SEO game. Finding the right keywords to work on can be the most amazing thing for your Internet Business. Every marketer has a different approach to Keyword research, most rely on the same old Google Adword Keyword Planner itself, and the ones who have evolved to look beyond, use the amazing Keyword Research tools available in the market.

The best thing about using a software application designed specifically to ease the whole keyword research process is that it saves time and reduces the efforts by a great extent.

We’ll be discussing about one amazing Keyword research tool that is being used by the top Internet Marketers in the Industry, Long Tail Pro.The Long Tail Pro can help you find out keyword ideas based on your seed keywords. It can help you find those low hanging fruits of keywords called Long Tail Keywords. Long Tail Keywords are easier to rank in searches as compared to primary keywords, thanks to low competition with other marketers.

What exactly are Long Tail Keywords and why they Matter?

When targeting keywords, most newbies tend to make one common mistake. To focus on what everyone else is focusing on. You got to tap into those special types of keywords that most marketers tend to overlook.

70% of the search traffic on the web is via long tail keywords. This means, you have a huge opportunity to reach to your potential customers for free.Targeting long tail keywords is your sure-shot path to highly profitable traffic, so start putting in more effort in Long Tail Keyword research and ranking work.

Just in case you are still what exactly a Long tail keyword is, let me explain you with an example.

Long tail Keyword:yoga for back pain

So, now that you’ve been introduced to the power of Long tail keywords, it’s the time to find some and start cashing on them.

Introduction to Long Tail Pro

long tail pro

Long Tail Pro is the most popular and most amazing tool to find highly profitable long tail keywords. It was developed by an amazing internet marketer who’s made a lot of niche websites, Spencer Haws. According to Haws, the main motivation behind developing Long Tail Pro was the dissatisfaction that he had with other keyword research tools that were available back then. So, no doubt Long Tail Pro tends to beat the competition each and every time.
On their website, Long Tail Pro is 8 times faster than its major competing software, Market Samurai.

The Long Tail Pro has seen many updates till now and the recent update, Long Tail Pro version 3 has introduced a beautiful new interface along with some interesting features. We’ll discuss more about the feature ahead in this post.

Some Reasons to Choose Long Tail Pro

There are so many features of this amazing tool, but we’ll be discussing the most important ones here.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Pay-Per-Click Analysis
  4. EMD Check
  5. Rank Checker

#1. Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

This is the main reason this software was developed and it just takesthe game to the next level. Keyword research won’t be the same again with Long Tail Pro.
You can feed in up to 5 seed keywords to get up to 800 suggested keyword per seed keyword. You will receive all the information that the Google Keyword Planner tool would have provided you, like search volume, suggested CPC and advertiser competition.

#2. Competitor Analysis

Long Tail Pro Competitor Analysis

Long tail Pro can save a lot of your time and effort by quickly presenting in front of you all the information that you need to analyse the competition of a particular keyword. You will be able to see useful data like Page Authority, Backlinks, Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Page Rank and Site Age. All this information can be used to analyse the competitiveness of a particular keyword.

#3. PPC Analysis

long tail pro PPC Analysis

Finding out how much an advertiser is willing to pay for a particular keyword in search and how many advertisers are competing for that keyword is something that should really matter to every search marketer. The advertiser competition and CPC of a keyword is something that you need to take in to consideration very strategically. Its not always about high CPC, you need to also look for other factors like search volume, which essentially means how much traffic can you get. Similarly, take in to consideration other factors while making a decision on a keyword.

#4. EMD Check

Long Tail Pro

This is a convenient feature for those who build micro niche websites, you can directly find out if there is an Exact Match Domain available for a particular keyword. It’s quite convenient to get this information by just a few clicks rather than going to other sources and checking manually every time.

#5. Rank Checker

rank checker

You can check for where does your domain (or any other domain) rank in the SERPs for a particular keyword. This comes in handy for analysing your efforts and making strategies for future.

Plans and Pricing

long tail pro price
The Long Tail Pro comes in 2 variants. One is the simple Pro edition and the other is the Long Tail Platinum.Long Tail Platinum is an upgraded version of Long Tail Pro with even more time and effort saving features. You can see the difference between features and pricing of the two in the following screenshot.
The pricing is really good, given the long list of features, it doesn’t seen an unfair deal.

Final Verdict

All the smart marketers are diverting their SEO efforts toward long tail keywords and that doesn’t mean one day there’d be saturation there too. There is just so much untapped opportunity here that so much still remains untraced till now. All you need to do is start exploring this amazing tool called Long Tail Pro and start looking for keyword ideas. The price tag is worth it. Just take the initiative and become a smart Internet Marketer.

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