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If you are looking out to make some profits in your business with the help of thriving Internet revolution, you are at the right place.

Here, I’ll be discussing the company called “Liquid Web” that offers the entire required infrastructure that is needed for establishing an online business successfully.

The Company has a vast range of virtual private server (VPS), managed WordPress and dedicated server packages with enough power to gather praises from FedEx, Zappos, MTV and ESPN to name a few.

What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is a privately owned and managed web hosting company that was established in the year 1997. Three data centers of the company are located in Lancing while the fourth one is in Scottsdale.
The company has emerged as a leader in the web hosting arena and provides one of the best consumer services. From 2007 till 2014, the company bagged the title of INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.

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All sizes of enterprises and business can rely on their managed web hosting services. To more than 15000 clients, the company has been providing services in more than 100 countries.

Is Liquid Web A Reliable Company?

According to me, reliability is a priority for Liquid Web. This can be well illustrated by their customer support service. On an average, they take around 59 seconds to answer the call. Their helpdesk support answers back in 30 minutes after the call is initiated. This is commendable, truly!

Check their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts too for the latest updates.

Liquid Web Has A Lot Of Offer To Its Customers


From managed dedicated servers to shared hosting and cloud servers; Liquid Web offers all of them. The plans offered by the company are diversified so that they fit well in all kinds of requirements and budgets.


Dedicated Web Hosting Packages


Who doesn’t want to build their website on the strongest foundation? If you are also looking for one, then you should surely check out the Liquid Web’s dedicated server plans.

You can select from wide range of configurations starting from single-processor priced at $179 per month to quad-processor priced at a whooping price of $799 per month. The dedicated servers of the company are meant for those businesses that are looking for a great website performance and can shell out money for it.

The dedicated servers come with the base configuration that comprises of 250 GB primary drive, 8GB RAM, 1TB backup hard drive, unlimited domains, unlimited domains and 5TB of data transfers per month.

The key difference lies in their clock speed and CPU cores – unless you begin to configure the servers yourselves. For instance, you can get 512GB of RAM, but that shall cost you extra $1,200 per month extra. The servers can be configured with hard disk space.

Storm VPS Web Hosting Packages

If you are looking for a server with enough power then ignore the price tag of dedicated servers of Liquid Web. The best part is that the company charges you only for the days on which you use their services, this is useful when you decide to cancel the subscriptions.

You will be surprised to know that the low-end Storm VPS plan starts at $1.64 on a daily basis. This plan comprises of 50GB of solid-state drive storage, 1GB of RAM, unlimited domains, unlimited email and 5TB of monthly data transfers. On the contrary, the Liquid Web’s high-end Storm VPS option starts at $82.84 on a daily basis that comprises of 1.8TB of storage and 512GB of RAM.

Liquid Web offers the best VPS services as compared to their competitors.

Managed WordPress Hosting

In Managed WordPress Hosting, the company offers three tiers with same specifications as offered in Storm VPS and dedicated hosting packages. The company also offers automatic updates, WordPress plug-ins all thanks to its Fantastico library, one-click installs and access to numerous apps.

The managed hosting environment is ideal for the installation of WordPress and other plug-ins. Also, there is no requirement to install CMS as it is preinstalled. After you log into WordPress, it would be easier for you to create pages, posts, galleries like in any other WordPress website.

There are many WordPress themes available to give your site an attractive appearance or added functionality. Of course, you may use the theme you had purchased from somewhere else.

The Web host has three managed WordPress packages:

  •  WP Basic is available for $6.99 per month. This plan includes 50GB storage space with one free domain and an unlimited number of visitors.
  • WP Plus available for $9.99 per month offers 250 GB of storage space with the option to host a total of 5 WordPress websites.
  • WP Unlimited available for $14.99 per month gives the option to host an unlimited number of WordPress sites.
    All the plans provide automatic detection and removal of malware, automatic WordPress updates, unlimited email and a sorted list of WordPress plug-ins and themes.

Liquid Web’s Cloud Solutions


The cloud solutions offered by Liquid Web are very comprehensive. They start from as low as $3.62 per day. The company provides its customers with expert and smooth cloud solutions with faster upgrades and downgrades, instant provisioning and API access too!

If you are looking for more features, then you may select diversified Cloud storage solutions as they provide block storage on the cloud. You are not charged for the IOPS or bandwidth and can even scale up to 15 TB. This is a lot! The plans range from $.08 per GB per month to just $0.10.

All the cloud solutions come with dashboards to help in managing your work easily and smoothly. These are optimized to be used from your smartphone. Thus, your business is in your control even while you are watching a movie! Impressive..

Mail Hosting at Liquid Web

With Liquid Webmail hosting services, you can be rest assured that your mail will always be available. The web mail hosting services are designed in a way that they are apt for any size of businesses. Starting from one mail box to n-number of mails for your entire organization; the company offers airtight security and reliability with their Heroic Support® team that is available 24/7/365.

The various mail clients supported by the company are Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird and Web Browse.

Free Migrations

It can be a daunting task to change web hosts but not with Liquid Web. They have a separate team dedicated to helping the customers in migrating your data from current hosts to their servers.
Thus, without any complications, you can migrate to Liquid Web.

Proactive Monitoring

The company offers proactive monitoring to ensure your site is live throughout. They have a specialized Sonar Monitoring Team that monitors your website 24* 7 to see that no issues are faced by the site, and if any issue occurs, they are fixed without even letting anyone know that any issue existed.

The company monitors everything including hardware, software and their network without any exceptions.

Security Features

If security is what you want, then Liquid Web is the apt option for you. The company provides security through virtual private networks, SSL, fireworks, malware scanning and many others.

Some of the features come with the packages itself while some you may need to purchase depending on the level of security you are looking for. The company also offers free of cost night backups to protect your site from any massive damage while you take a good night’s sleep.

Liquid Web Support

As the features offered by the company are intricate but to provide the users with a smooth experience, the support services are excellent.

Liquid Web cPanel

The cPanel of the web hosting is standardized and contains amazing features itself on the interface. Users can use all the features to efficiently manage their FTP account, email accounts, and various domain names. The web servers can be easily monitored and configured from the cPanel quickly. Also, many icon-based tools are provided that are simple and easy to use.

Thus, even if you are a newbie, you will take no time in learning the features and how to use them to your advantage.

One-Click Installs

Are you thinking of starting your blog or a content management system? With One-click installs of the company, your work is done easily and you get your site up and running in no time. Liquid Web has all the popular scripts featured from Drupal to Joomla and WordPress. You are bound to find all whatever you have been looking for here with Liquid Web.

Management Tools

As we have read about their award their customer service but won’t it be great if you can manage things on your own. Their management interface is powerful, and you can see your statistics, create servers and view billing information easily.

Liquid Web managed add-ons


To offer support to your online business, the company offers many Managed Add-Ons.
To provide security to your business, the company provides a firewall. Also, to manage the memory, there is load-balancing add-on so that the downtime experienced is minimum.
There are many other add-ons for you to take advantage.

Featured Customers Of Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web has the biggest names associated with it. The exceptional services and features gain the trust, the company offers. There is a long list of customers, but here I wanted to name only those that are very well known to all of us.

Some of the companies have selected Liquid Web as their chosen web hosting company are Porsche, Motorola, Audi, MTV, the United Nations, American Airlines, Red Bull, National Geographic, Mayo Clinic to name only a few of them.
There shall be no doubt about their services after reading these names!

Pros of Liquid Web

Let us go through some of the advantages of selecting Liquid Web as your preferred web hosting company:-

  •  The Company boasts of powerful SSD servers
  • The Company offers daily scanning against malware and virus.
  • The best server security
  • The optimum quality of hardware is provided by Liquid Web
  • High Performance with intricate infrastructure
  • Uptime is guaranteed for 100%
  • Simple to operate control panel
  • Customer support is exceptional with minimum waiting time for the clients
  • You would find thousands of positive reviews about the company online that strongly recommend the company.
  • The best and the quickest dedicated server provider
  • Storm on Demand servers
  • The best VPS hosting with extremely powerful resources and super quick servers

CONS of Liquid Web

Although, there are not many disadvantages, when we compare to other hosting providers, the company is found to be relatively expensive and also lacks in shared hosting storage.

A Word About Their Customer Support:


The support service of the company is award winning. All their agents are highly knowledgeable and efficient. Round the clock, assistance is provided by the company. The company consists of over 150 support engineers. There is a separate sonar monitoring division that helps to monitor and responds to all the issues raised by the company quickly.

Customer support is available for all the issues like infrastructural problems, network hardware and application level errors.

If you are one of their customers for VPS and dedicated servers, they provide:

  • Hardware replacement guarantees in 30 minutes
  • 100% – Network Up-time Guarantee
  • 30 Minute- initial response guarantee

If the company fails to meet any of their SLA commitments, they assure you of credit worth ten times more than the amount of your loss.

Below is a video illustrating their Efficient Support Service

Affiliate Program

You must have experienced with other hosting affiliates that they require you to refer to many accounts before you earn a decent commission from them but that’s not true with Liquid Web. They provide you with the same amount of commission without considering the number of accounts you have referred to.

The affiliate program is very simple, and the commission is on the basis of the account type referred.
Affiliates are provided with two options: They may select from Commission Junction affiliate program or the in-house program. The latter one provides credits regarding web hosting as the payment method.


If I need to conclude, Liquid Web in a line, I would say an extremely powerful web-hosting provider, which is slightly on the expensive side.

From the last 15 years, Liquid Web has arched its way in the hosting arena as a promising private service provider. The company offers a wide range of products and plans to fit in the pockets of all. The customer support service is exceptional to provide an overall smooth and user-friendly experience for all.

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