KeyCDN Review – A Cost Effective Way To Speed Up Your Website

If you own a website, you must be familiar with the importance of page load speed.It is extremely important for your website to load fast in the current scenario of the Internet. No one has got the time for a slow loading website.

You’ll lose plenty of customers, viewers and leads if you don’t work on your page load time. Losing potential customers is just the direct impact,you should consider that fact that search engines like Google consider page load time as a ranking factor. Yet again, you are not getting as much traffic as you deserve.


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But, how exactly do you accomplish optimum speed at the best cost? Those expensive servers are the solution for everyone. In fact, they are not the best solution either. This is where a CDN comes to the rescue. A Content Delivery Network (CDN),is basically a network server that is spread across the globe to cater to your need of a fast website. When a visitor comes to your website, the website is served from the nearest CDN server instead of the parent server (web-host). This act of serving cached website to the visitor from a nearer server result in reduced loading time.

How do you get a CDN to work for you?

There are plenty of CDNs out there, it is hard to differentiate between most of them, but ease of use and support are the only major differences if price is not considered.

One great content delivery network is provided by KeyCDN. It is one of the most effective and affordable CDNs. Competitive pricing and robust infrastructures give it an edge over the competition.

Introduction to KeyCDN and Features

KeyCDN is Switzerland based company with a motive to create a CDN that can be used by as many people as possible. It is not a reselling someone else’s resources but provide their services directly through their own infrastructure. This is the reason why they are able to provide the services at such a competitive pricing model.

Features of KeyCDN

  • Push and Pull functionality
  • Security
  • Easy to use

#1. Push and Pull functionality

There are two ways a CDN works: The Push CDN and the Pull CDN.

Let’s talk a bit about Push CDN. A push CDN requires you to upload your files to their servers in order to be served to your visitors. This way, your website files will be served from the nearest point of presence to the visitor.
On the other hand, a Pull CDN works by caching your files onto their servers when a visitor visits your website. This means, your website might not load that fast at once, but it is quite easy to configure and speeds up your website over the time.

KeyCDN gives you the ability to create push or pull zones. This gives you the control over minimizing the server cost on your web host.

Push or Pull, which one is best for you?

Let’s understand this with an example. If you have a website with high number of video and audio content, i.e. you require heavy downloading to be done on your visitor’s part. Then, you should consider going for a Push CDN, since you’ll be stressing your web-host every time the content loads, resulting in increased web-host costs. A Push CDN will only require you to upload your files once, and that will be served optimally next time.

In case you have a website that doesn’t require large files, like a blog. You can go for a Pull type CDN; this will help you only optimize the content that requires large resources. Also, this reduces your cost on both the webhost and CDN sides.

#2.The Security Features

If it was just for the speed at affordable pricing, there would have been no CDN industry. The additional security that you get with a CDN is something that you should have your eye on.
You can create secured links tothe secure token feature and give them an expiration time, thereforeonly serving your content to visitors with a genuine link only.

The Shared SSL feature is free to use and requires no extra effort than a few clicks. The shared SSL will be used through a KeyCDN domain.You can indeed get a private SSL certificate for your site.

#3. Easy to use

The user interface is something that KeyCDN is really praised for. It is easy to learn and even easier to use. You can access various features like real-time reporting, account usage, zones and zone aliases etc. the entire left column on the admin dashboard.

The following screenshots tell better about the super cool management dashboard.



Easy to use dashboard


Real time network stats


The Incredible Pricing System

KeyCDN aims to cater its high end CDN service to a wide range of users and that can only be achieved by having a pricing model that each and every one can afford.

The following screenshot clearly depicts how important the growth of their customers is for KeyCDN.


You can easily calculate your estimated cost using their simple tool available on the Pricing page.


Pay As You Go (PAYG): Unlike other CDNs available in the market that offer their services in packages. KeyCDN serves you at a fixed price and you don’t need to worry about your package bandwidth ending.

5 Zones for free: You are getting 5 zones for free with starting your account. You can subscribe to more zones at an additional cost of merely $1 per month.

No CDN Storage Cost for Pull: You won’t be charged for any amount of data that is stored on KeyCDN’s servers, in a pull zone.However, an additional cost of $0.47 per GB per month is applied on push zone data. That means, the users are charged for storing their data on push zone.

KeyCDN provides you with 25 GB free trafficto give you ahead start with their services. The free credit expire in one month and are enough to get the feel of KeyCDN’s capabilities and decide on whether you really need it or not.

Final Verdict

KeyCDN is what was missing from the CDN industry. They offer competitive pricing and amazing service while maintaining a great customer support reputation. They are definitely changing the way webmasters have been using CDNs till now.

It is a recommended service, and what is the harm? You still have the $10 credit for free to get the taste of their service with the trial.

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