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Instagram has been one of the leading social media sites in the world, and a good place for marketing,focusing on pictures, stories and videos. Instagram automated bots, similar to the recently discontinued Instagrass, have been around for a while, and they can help you manage your growing Instagram accounts by liking photos,commenting, sending direct messages, following and unfollowing people etc. With many Instagram bots getting shut down, the market is growing increasingly sparse.

How does Follow Adder work?

Follow Adder has a streamlined user interface that’s easy to get used to, and you should familiarize yourself with it so you can effectively use the software to its full potential.FollowAdder also provides a lot of functionality when it comes to managing your Instagram account.

The main functionality can be divided into two steps – uploading and Interacting/Scraping.

Using the Search setting, you can scrape users, comments and photos.

  • By scraping users you can create a e list of users you want to follow or users to send a DM to
  • By scraping comments you can use them later on other similar posts and it saves you a lot of time because you don’t
    have to come up with new comments for each photo or repeat the same comment for
    every time
  • By scraping pictures you can create a list of photos you want to like or photos you like to comment and that way
    giving your account more engagement with account you’d like to follow you

You can also bulk upload a lot of pictures, and make them post at different times to appear more natural, and as if it’s done manually.

Best features of Follow Adder

Follow Adder sports a lot of easy to use, and functional features that can make your Instagram account more successful. Follow Adder sports a number of features that have
varying levels of functionality.

Perhaps the more important feature is a comprehensive search feature that lets you scrape other Instagram user accounts to get a better overview of how to apply it to your own
ccount and gain more followers. It is possible to search by hashtag, username search, photo search, geo location and comments.

Lists are an extremely important feature that helps you to get information about a specific group of people you are interested in following you. You can choose to send a DM to
individuals in a specific list, you can follow them , and set the settings so that you automatically unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back and vice versa. It is also possible import, export and customize created lists for ease of use.

Another one of lists that exist in Follow Adder is the so called black list that you can add profiles to so you can never follow them.

On of the more tricky features that Follow Adder has is an automated direct messaging system that can send thank you messages for follows, it can be set up so it can send messages
to your followers every once in a while. But the reason this feature can be tricky is that your followers may not appreciate your bot sending them automated short messages, so use this feature at your own discretion.

Maybe the best or at least most useful feature that Follow Adder has, is a bulk uploader feature. That means that you can set the time and dates of specific photos you want to
be uploaded, without managing a lot of photos yourself and spend a lot of time editing and filtering them individually. By setting your bulk uploader to upload photos regularly, you account appears as very active and engaging even when you are not using the app for longer periods of time.

With the hashtag search, you can specify profiles and photos with a specific hashtag that you want to follow or like and comment and engage with all the photos in the hashtag category you choose. This helps your account by improving engagement and the people that fit your hashtag search can be very interested in your own profile as long as it’s relevant to them and they are more likely to follow and engage you back.


The first thing that should be mentioned for pricing is that there is a 7 day refund guarantee if you want to return the software for any reason or if you are just not satisfied with it.There are a total of five pricing plans you can get for yourself. The most basic plan, the Starter plan, the pricing is reasonable and it includes all features, free software updates and free customer support which is very important as the Follow Adder developers listen to their users closely. The rest of the four payment plans
only let you manage multiple Instagram accounts at the same time without any extra features.

The Premium account costs $12.50 per month and it lets you manage and grow three separate instagram accounts at the same time. This is only good for those who want to have more than onme account obviousle, as the rest of the features and updates are the same as in the starter plan.

If you want to have more than three Instagram accounts there are three other payment plans available to you, the Professional, Agent and Publicist at $19.17 per month, $32.33 per month and $70.83 per month respectively. As with the previous plans these plans only allow you to manage more Instagram accounts at the same time, more specifically, 5, 10 and 25 Instagram accounts respectively.

Instagram already in the spotlight and only growing more and more every day, and it becoming an excellent social media for various purposes such as promoting businesses,services or products, having an Instagram bot managing your account(s) can be avery good idea if you can afford the pricing plans. And with more and moreInstagram bots going offline, Follow Adder stands by itself in a popular marketfor a software like this.

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