DreamHost Black Friday Discount 2016 – $2.95/mo with a Free Domain!

Dreamhost has consistently participated in black Friday deals throughout the ages. This time round, they are doing it again for customers who would love to use their services. This year, they are giving a discount of up to 60% on all hosting packages.

To get your Dreamhost black Friday deal discount, you need to visit their official website. By doing this, you will be able to get a shared hosting deal worth $3.95 per month instead of the $8 per month regular price.

It is a known fact that companies that have existed for decades sell their products for a huge price tag, thanks to their experience in the industry and the brand reputation they’ve built over time. Apparently, consumers also tend to trust these brands more than their upcoming ones counterparts, even if the price is a little bit off-side.

Lean More about Dreamhost Black Friday Offer

One such example of a company that has existed for 16 years is Dreamhost. Every blogger or website owner has at least heard of Dreamhost, and they recon the level of service that this brand offers. In fact, given an opportunity, every website owner would make a haste to have their website hosted or managed by this company.

They manage wordpress hosting by optimizing blogs and sites to get the most traffic. And with such a massive experience in the industry, website owners should expect a big return out of the fee they are paying this company.

Secondly, they manage VPS hosting for speed and scale-ability. They recently implemented solid state drives or what they call SSDs. This has given designers, developers, and business individuals a chance to take total control in running their websites. This solution is powerful, fast and stable. If you run a complex application in your website or are receiving huge traffic, you might want to boost your site’s performance so your visitors aren’t turned away. That’s what Dreamhost’s VPS handles with this product.

And of course there’s public cloud computing designed for self-managed cloud servers (open source). With this product, a website owner could deploy their own cloud in record 60 seconds.

Lastly, they have dedicated servers with capacity of up to 64GB RAM, fully managed by you. It’s a good solution for those who run busy websites at any given time.


If you were attentive at the start of this article, you remember that we mentioned the use of SSDs. What this means is that Dreamhost shared hosting plans have become 200% faster than traditional shared hosting. For a price of $3.95 per month, you will get unlimited space as well as bandwidth. Also, when you use the same promo code, you will get one free domain name you can use forever.

As for the managed wordpress hosting plan, Dreamhost black Friday deal has it that you will enjoy hosted/virtual private servers backed by 30GB SSD Storage. They also do automatic wordpress installation and updates, along with the provision of any theme or plugin of your choice. This package can be bought for a 20% discount, thanks to the Dreamhost black Friday deal that’s just around the corner.

Those discounts are attractive given that your website will be hosted by one of the most reputable hosting companies in the world. Nothing can beat the prices.

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