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a2hosting review

Website load time might be a small ranking signal for Google, but it surely does affect everything else significantly and even has a long term effect on the SEO part. If you are wondering how can website speed affect your business and to what extent then let me start from the start.

A person looks up for something on a search engine, he sees your site ranking on the top, he clicks to visit your website, but encounters a slow loading page that is wasting his time. He clicks the back button immediately and starts clicking on other website links. You see what just happened? Your reputation sank in front of the search engine. This was a direct signal for the search bot that your website does not have the value and as we know, value is what SEO is all about these days.

Alright, enough talking about the importance of website speed for providing a great user experience to your visitors and gaining reputation in front of search bots. Let’s start by finding out how to achieve great speed.

  1. Choose your web host wisely:You might have to spend some extra dollars, but, this is where you don’t want to save money on the cost of results from your activities.
  2. Build a fast site: Interestingly enough, with something like WordPress, all you got to do is use a great theme that fits your needs and use a CDN for the images and videos.
  3. Keep optimizing your site:Check the caching, keep the plugins and theme up to date. Analyse your site’s performance regularly and act on the results.

This is not a how-to blog post for developing a site or optimizing it. But, I’ll be introducing you to a web-hosting company that can definitely make the other two steps easier.

A2 Hosting, with over 10 years of experience in serving customers with high speed web-hosting at affordable rates is a good choice as a good web host.

Introduction to A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is a high speed, but affordable web hosting provider that boasts about their SSD storage hosting. What I’ve perceived from their website, A2 Hosting focuses on delivering speed more than anything else. Also, they’ve got plenty of options to choose from when it comes to hosting solutions, so, clearly they are quite experienced and smart players.

SSD Hosting vs. HDD Hosting


You are getting SSD storage with A2 Hosting, which is not something you’d find everywhere. But what is SSD and how is it compared to HDD?

A Solid State Drive (SSD) has no moving parts, like a flash drive,on the other hand, a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has many moving parts. Moving mechanical parts become a cause for heating issues and limit the performance. Moreover, a SSD offers higher read and write speeds than any HDD which reduces the site’s latency. So, yeah! On a SSD, you’ll be able to get a faster website.

It’s a fact that websites hosted on a SSD can be up to 20 times faster than the ones hosted on traditional HDDs. That is the secret behind A2 Hosting’s Turbo Servers.

Don’t Worry About Traffic Surges Anymore

At A2 Hosting, they are willing to provide you with the best web hosting experience you can find in the market. That is why they offer you the Performance plus Option, which means, they’ll increase the RAM by 1 GB and double the CPU cores, proving more resources to your site to make sure it does not go down.

A2 Hosting has their Data Centresplaced strategically around the globe to provide their customers with minimum latency on their sites.

Plans and Pricing

A2 hosting offers shared, reseller, VPS, Managed VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Server hosting solutions.
Free SSDs: You don’t need to pay anything extra to get SSD hosting for your site.

Let’s talk a bit about the Shared hosting that they offer.

A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Plans

A2 Hosting has three different plans to choose from, the Lite, the Swift and the Turbo. These plans cost as follows:

  1. Lite: $7.99 /month
  2. Swift: $9.99 /month
  3. Turbo: $18.99/month

A2 Hosting isn’t the most affordable web host when it comes to shared hosting, however, this might be the price the user is paying for the ultra-fast SSD hosting.

A2 hosting does have a straight forward pricing scheme, you can visit their website and learn more about all the plans and pricing.


A2 Hosting Pros and Cons

Based on what we have learned about A2 Hosting, here are some pros and cons that’ll help you better understand their services.


  1. High Speed SSD Hosting
  2. Highly Optimized Servers, (best for WordPress and other CMS)
  3. Site is not taken down during traffic spikes
  4. Wide range of webhosting solutions for all your needs


  1. Costlier than most of the competing companies
  2. Support is doubted, late responses can be a problem.

Not many…

Final Verdict

I’ll be honest with you, I had a bad impression upon seeing their old-fashioned web design. But that doesn’t really count I guess, I have read a lot of positive reviews for the web host.Features like SSD hosting and Performance Plus promise a blazing fast website, and their Backup and server optimizations well praised around.

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